• The Four Sounds of Suspension Problems

    A problem with your car’s suspension means more than a trip to the auto body shop—it could also mean more risk when you’re on the road. It’s dangerous to drive with a faulty transmission, and you’ll be more vulnerable to certain hazards that can compromise both your safety and the safety of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. There are four sounds in particular that you should look out for: creaking, grunting, rattling, and knocking. See your auto collision center if you hear any of these noises, and keep reading for more on the four sounds of suspension problems.


    The sound of a door creaking open may be part of countless campfire horror stories, but it can end up turning into a horror story for your car if you don’t get it checked out. If your vehicle tends to bounce around or rock back and forth while emitting a noise that sounds like a door creaking open, visit your auto body shop to see if you have a suspension problem.


    Your steering wheel is one of the critical tools that you use to control your vehicle. Grunting and squeaking noises that happen when you go over bumps or make turns could mean that your steering mechanism is on its way out. It’s tough to avoid an accident when you can’t control your steering, so this problem could end in the need for collision repair.


    It’s not always easy to diagnose a rattling sound, but it typically suggests that there’s a problem with your transmission. Since this symptom could relate to various aspects of your suspension, bring your vehicle into the auto body shop for a professional diagnosis.


    A knocking sound may have to do with shocks that have been worn down, leaving your coil springs and chassis to vibrate together. This is especially likely to happen when you’re turning a corner or going over a bump.

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  • How Do Mechanics Match Paint Colors?

    When you’re in a car collision and your vehicle’s paint job is damaged, it’s time to visit the auto paint shop . Today’s car paint jobs have an arsenal of tools and skills that they can use to match paint colors, so your car will look just like it did before once the job is done. If you know the color code, it should be easy enough to find the matching hue and mix it up. Mechanics may also use test panels to determine the correct color, and a little knowledge about color theory will help bring it to life.

    Color Codes

    Every color of automotive paint has its own color code. If you know the color code that you’re looking for, it makes the whole process of matching your paint significantly easier. Your vehicle’s identification plate should tell you the color code of the paint, but there are other ways that you can find it as well. If you have the name of the manufacturer, the year the car was manufactured, and the car’s model number, you can search for the color code on the manufacturer’s website.

    Test Panels

    You should never get started on an auto body paint job until you’re positive that you’ve found the right color. In order to be certain that he or she has the right color, your mechanic will use a test panel. A test panel serves as a sort of rubric that helps you determine if the color you’ve chosen is the right one for the vehicle.

    Color Theory

    Your auto body paint professional will have to physically create the hue to match your existing paint job, and some knowledge of color theory is imperative. Red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors, and your mechanic will need to know how to mix them to create the right hue.

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  • Is My Car Safe to Drive After a Wreck?

    Following an accident, one of the most important things to think about is whether your vehicle is safe to drive. If you’re trying to determine if you need collision repairs, then there are several factors to consider that can help you determine whether your car can be driven safely.

    If your hood won’t stay closed, then it represents a hazard because it may fly up while you’re driving. Cracked windshields are also a problem because they can affect visibility. Now, make sure that you can open and close the driver’s door from both inside and outside. Are you picking up on an antifreeze smell? If so, then your radiator may be leaking and putting your vehicle at risk of overheating. Besides these factors, consider bringing your car in for auto collision repairs if your wheels are out of alignment, as driving in this condition can lead to suspension damage. Finally, to help avoid failed bulbs and tickets, it’s best to repair broken taillights and headlights.

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  • What to Look for in an Auto Body Shop

    Whether you need minor dent repairs or delicate suspension fixes, finding a high-quality shop is an important part of having the job done properly. If you’re on the hunt for a reputable car detail service, then read on to learn what to look for in an auto body shop.

    Reduced Wait

    If you’re like many people, then you rely on your car for getting to work, picking up the kids from school, and everything in between. For this reason, you want to choose a shop that can help you get back to normal living as quickly as possible. To help ensure that you face a minimal wait from when you bring your vehicle to when you drive it home, look for an auto body shop that offers reduced down time.

    Positive Reviews

    Scanning online company reviews can go a long way in pointing you toward a reputable auto body shop . Consider customer reviews for any shop that you’re considering before making a commitment. Also, reach out to your friends and neighbors to learn who they rely on when they need auto detailing or body repairs.

    Quality Service

    Going with the lowest cost estimate that you can find isn’t necessarily the best decision. Though you may save some money on repairs upfront, you may also enjoy a lower quality of service and find that the repairs and warranties are lacking.

    Guaranteed Satisfaction

    Extended repair times, inferior products, and inflated prices are some of the last things that you need when your car is in the shop. To help ensure that you receive high-quality repairs and exceptional customer service, look for an auto body shop that offers lifetime warranties on repairs and customer satisfaction guarantees. Finally, a few more features that can help ensure a good experience with an auto body service include emailed repair estimates, extended business hours, free pick-up, and rental car assistance.

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