Auto Frame Damage: How the Experts Can Fix It

Several factors are involved when it comes to repairing your car after a collision, and one of the most important of these is frame straightening. If your vehicle has frame damage, then keep reading to learn how the experts at your local auto body shop can fix it.

Auto Body Frame Damage

Today’s vehicles are designed to offer drivers and passengers better protection. One way that manufacturers do this is by constructing auto frames that are more flexible. However, this evolution has also made cars more vulnerable to damage that can be difficult to repair. In fact, frame damage occurs in about 50% of car accidents. If you want to restore your vehicle to its pre-crash condition, then you should visit an auto collision center that specializes in frame straightening.

Auto Body Frame Machines

Auto body repair shops that offer frame straightening services use specialized machinery to address the problem. This type of machinery is called an auto body frame machine, and it can repair damage that affects your vehicle’s inner frame to restore its shape. This technology allows auto repair experts to utilize torque, leverage, and hydraulics to guide the frame back into its original shape.

Auto Body Frame Straightening

Auto body frame machines are typically 15 to 24 feet long and can feature several rotating towers that enable the repair experts to stretch and pull the damaged frame. These machines typically have ramps that allow the driver to move the vehicle onto the platform, where it is then secured into a stationary position. This step allows the towers to place stress on the frame as needed while using chains for pulling and hydraulics for manipulating tension. Lastly, some auto body frame machines have computerized measurement equipment, which allows for a more accurate repair.

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