How to Tell If Your Car Has Suspension Issues

Your car should provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride for every mile that you drive down the road. When you start to notice that your car feels excessively bumpy or is having trouble steering, you may be facing suspension issues in your vehicle. To help prevent the need to visit an auto body shop for repairs, you will want to address suspension issues as soon as they arise. Let’s take a closer look at some ways to tell if your car has suspension issues.

Very Rough Ride Feel

In the event that your car develops a suspension issue, you may be able to feel it when you get behind the wheel. Your car’s suspension is designed to absorb any bumps that you may encounter in the road. A very rough or bumpy ride feel indicates that your suspension is no longer working properly.

Pulling to One Side

Suspension issues may also appear in the steering and handling of your vehicle. For example, you may begin to notice that your car pulls to the left or the right when you are driving straight forward. Suspension problems may also cause your vehicle to drift uncontrollably as you turn.

Dropping Suddenly

Your car’s shocks are an important part of its suspension system. As your shocks start to wear out, your car may begin to drop suddenly whenever you come to a stop. If you have started to become aware of a dropping or lurching sensation when you hit the brakes, your car may be in need of emergency suspension repair.

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