• How to Choose a Car Paint Color

    Whether you are planning to freshen the paint on an older car, or you are seeking a custom look for your new vehicle, your auto body shop can provide you with expert painting services. When you prepare for an auto body paint job, it will be up to you to choose the right color for your car. If you are seeking a classic look for your vehicle, you may want to choose a neutral shade of black, white, or beige. For those drivers that aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd, vibrant colors such as red, blue, or even green are appropriate.

    To receive a quote for a car paint job cost , contact Michael J’s Body Shop by calling (408) 279-2070. The team at our auto paint shop serving San Jose can help you achieve the paint job that you have always wanted. Our auto body paint technicians are looking forward to assisting you in the near future.

  • Cleaning Tinted Car Windows

    When you clean tinted car windows, you will need to exercise caution in order to make sure that you do not damage your tint. In this video, you will learn all about the steps of properly cleaning tinted car windows. Using an ammonia free window cleaner, you will be able to clean your tinted windows to perfection. An auto body shop can help to repair any damage that you may have caused using improper window cleaning products.

    If you have noticed that your auto glass is chipped, cracked, or scratched, be sure to make an appointment at Michael J’s Body Shop. Our auto body shop in San Jose provides top quality auto collision repair and auto body paint services. To make an appointment for your vehicle, call us at (408) 279-2070.

  • Why You Can’t Ignore Brake Problems

    Brakes are a crucial component for any motorized vehicle. Without a properly functioning set of brakes, you may find yourself scheduling collision repair as the result of an accident. By keeping up with brake maintenance and repairs, you can rest assured that your car is ready to slow and stop as you drive down the road. Here is an overview of the dangers that are associated with ignoring brake problems.

    Brake Issues Get Worse Over Time

    Ignoring your brake problems will only cause them to get worse . Whether you have noticed that your brake pedal has a mushy feel, or you are hearing loud noises when you hit the brakes, you can rest assured that these issues can signal additional problems in your braking system. To deal with your brake issues effectively, you will want to bring your car to an auto repair facility immediately.

    Brake Problems Can Cause Lasting Damage

    When you choose to ignore, rather than repair, your brake problems, you may cause serious damage to the internal components of your vehicle. For example, if your brake pads are rubbing on the rotors, they may cause your braking system to become warped or broken. An auto repair professional can make sure that your brakes are operating smoothly and safely.

    Brake Problems May Lead to a Collision

    One of the most serious dangers of a braking problem is increased potential for a collision. In order to avoid a collision on the road, you will need to be able to properly slow your speed or stop suddenly when needed. If your brakes are not functioning properly, you may find yourself colliding with an obstacle or other car on the road.

    At Michael J’s Body Shop, we will provide you with affordable and effective brake repair services. By scheduling dent repair at our top-rated auto body shop near San Jose, you can rest assured that your collision repairs are in the hands of the experts. To receive more information about our auto repair services, give us a call at (408) 279-2070.

  • Reasons to Practice Defensive Driving

    A car collision can be a traumatic incident for any driver. Fortunately, with expert collision repair services, you will be able to restore your car to the condition that it was in prior to the accident. If you would like to avoid the need for auto collision repair altogether, you may want to start practicing defensive driving habits. With defensive driving, you will become a smart and safe driver. Here is a look at 3 reasons to start practicing your defensive driving.

    Prevent Car Crashes

    Auto collisions affect millions of Americans each year. If you would like to avoid a car crash in your driving career, it is important to practice defensive driving at all times. As a defensive driver, you will be constantly scanning the road for potential hazards and sources of collisions. By remaining defensive at all times , you will be able to reduce your risk for a crash.

    Avoid Traffic Tickets

    Aggressive driving techniques, such as speeding or changing lanes without signaling, can result in hefty traffic fines. When you drive defensively, you will be obeying all traffic laws. By making defensive driving a consistent habit, it is possible to avoid traffic tickets altogether.

    Keep Passengers Safe

    Whether you are a parent who is driving with children in the car, or you are transporting your friends around town, defensive driving will help to keep all of your passengers safe. Defensive drivers are able to respond quickly and effectively to dangerous road situations. When you practice defensive driving at all times, you can rest assured that you are protecting all of the people who are traveling in your car.

    If you have recently been in a car collision, the team at Michael J’s Body Shop will be there to assist you. With services from our auto body shop near San Jose, you can reverse the damaging effects of a car collision. From dent repair to major collision repair, we provide all types of collision repair services. Call us at (408) 279-2070 to hear more about the benefits of bringing your car to our shop.