• How the Pros Fix a Dent

    Dent repair is a procedure that should always be performed by a team of experienced auto body repair professionals in San Jose. When you watch this video, you will receive an up-close look at the process of professional dent repair. A technician will use a tool called a dent puller to carefully extract the dent. The dent puller is powered by an air compressor for maximum power.

    To schedule collision repair for your car in the San Jose area, get in touch with Michael J’s Body Shop. Our top rated auto body shop has all of the tools and equipment needed to remove your dents and get your car looking great. For more information about the services that we can use to repair your vehicle, give our auto body shop a call at (408) 279-2070.

  • Understanding the Different Types of Auto Body Repair

    A car collision can leave your car dented, scratched, and in need of auto body repair. When you arrive at the auto body shop in San Jose, a technician will carefully evaluate the location and cause of your body damage. Since no two auto body problems are the same, your technician will need to determine which repair method will be most effective for restoring your vehicle. Read on to take a look at three of the most common types of auto body repair.

    Paintless Dent Repair

    Paintless dent repair has revolutionized the auto repair industry. When your car’s body has been dented, but the paint job is still in tact, you may be eligible for paintless dent removal. During this procedure, your technician will use tools to precisely tap away the surface dent. You can expect your car to be restored to like-new condition after this procedure is complete.

    Body Filler

    For those auto body problems that are more serious, body filler may be required. When your technician uses body filler, he will apply a material to the surface of the dent. This material is smoothed to create a clean line over the dented area. Once the body filler material has completely dried, the repaired area will be painted to match the rest of the vehicle.

    Bumper Replacement

    Your front and back bumpers will often bear the brunt of the impact during a collision. When a bumper crumples during an accident, it will need to be replaced. A quality auto body shop will be able to order a new bumper that matches the make and model of your vehicle.

    For answers to your questions about the types of auto body repair services that are available for your car, contact Michael J’s Body Shop by calling (408) 279-2070. At our auto body repair facility, we offer a full range of services that will completely restore your car. When you bring your vehicle to our shop, we will work tirelessly to get you back on the road again.

  • Signs That Your Vehicle is Ready for a Professional Auto Detail

    Crumbs, mud, and other messes can dramatically alter the physical condition of your car over time. As you drive, your daily routine can cause dirt, dust, and other nasty substances to build up on the interior and exterior of your car. A shop offering auto detail near San Jose can make your car look like it has just driven off the dealership lot. To help you keep your car looking great, here is a look at some of the signs that your car is ready for a professional auto detail.

    Bad Odors

    A bad odor on the interior of your vehicle can dramatically affect your enjoyment of your daily drives. While some bad odors can be caused by hidden spills or other items, other smells are simply caused by poor vehicle hygiene. If your car has developed a musty smell, you can restore its freshness with an auto detail.

    Stubborn Stains

    Auto detailing services can take care of stubborn stains on the surface of your upholstery. Many substances, from beverages to food spills, can stain your car’s upholstery if they are not treated correctly. Your auto detail team will use special shampooers and vacuums to remove stains from your car’s seats and other upholstered surfaces.

    Sticky Features

    As dust and grime build up on the inside of your car, you may start to find that your gearshift, radio knobs, and other interior features are sticky and hard to operate. Your auto detailing team will carefully remove dirty buildup from every crack and crevice in your car, thereby restoring your vehicle’s functionality. Once your detail service has been completed, your car will feel brand new again.

    At Michael J’s Body Shop , we are pleased to provide our San Jose customers with quality detailing services. When you are in need of collision repair or paintless dent repair, our team of auto body specialists will be able to assist you. For more information about the great collision repair services that we have to offer you, give us a call at (408) 279-2070.

  • The Process of Removing Minor Auto Paint Scratches

    Whether you were sideswiped or the victim of a stray shopping cart, take care of your minor paint scratches to restore your vehicle to top aesthetic shape. While deeper scratches might warrant a trip to the auto paint shop, you can typically handle minor scratches on your own. Watch this video on the process of removing minor auto paint scratches.

    The two key elements you will need to remove minor auto paint scratches are polishing compound and a rag. Use your rag to apply the compound to the scratch, but be careful to avoid your trim. Then rub a wet cloth over the area and finish with a coat of wax.

    Michael J’s Body Shop is an auto body shop in San Jose that specializes in bumper repair and car dent removal. If you have suffered an auto paint scratch, give us a call at (408) 279-2070. Please visit our website for more information about our auto body shop.