• The Dangers of Ignoring a Dent in Your Car

    No matter how careful you are as a driver, it can sometimes be difficult or even impossible to avoid dents. A small dent might not seem like a big deal, but you should always consult the professionals at your auto body shop and have it taken care of in a timely manner. Here is a look at the dangers of ignoring a dent in your car.

    Vulnerability to Rust

    One of the biggest problems that your small dent can bring about is rust. Your paint job is more than just a cosmetic element; it also seals your vehicle and protects it from a wide range of contaminants. When this sealant is broken, your car becomes vulnerable to salt and dirt from the road. If you fail to address a dent in your car, you may soon find yourself dealing with a bad rust problem. Be sure to visit your auto body shop to keep your car protected from rust.

    Safety Issues

    In addition to increasing your susceptibility to rust problems, a dent in your vehicle can make your car unsafe to drive. A minor fender bender might not be a big deal if your bumper is in proper shape, but a dent in your bumper can compromise its structural integrity. This will make your bumper less capable of protecting you in the event of a traffic accident.

    Inhibited Aesthetics

    Perhaps the most obvious danger of ignoring a dent in your car is the effect it will have on the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Certain dents may be particularly noticeable, especially if you have a light colored car. The longer you wait to fix your dent, the longer you will drive around with a blemish on your otherwise beautiful vehicle.

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  • A Closer Look at the Process of Bumper Repair

    Your bumper can protect you in the event of a car accident, but it won’t be as effective if it’s dented. This is why you should head to your auto body shop and seek bumper repair sooner rather than later. Your specialist will take a look at the damage and decide on the appropriate treatment method. Keep reading for a closer look at the process of bumper repair.

    See a mechanic.

    In order to get the process of bumper repair started, you need to know who to talk to in order to get the services you want. Thus, the first step is to find a mechanic that you can trust. Make sure you work with an auto body shop that specializes in bumper repair and employs trained and experienced professionals. This will offer you some peace of mind and allow you to rest assured that your vehicle is in the right hands.

    Assess the damage.

    When you bring your car into the auto body shop, your specialist will first take a look at the damage. There are different ways to handle dents , but your technician will need to know what he or she is dealing with before treating the problem. The more extensive the damage is, the more involved the repair process will be. Your auto body specialist will be able to determine the most efficient way to repair your bumper so you can get back on the road safely and quickly.

    Choose a method.

    The way your mechanic will fix your bumper depends on the nature of the damage, and there are a few different methods that may be used. The heat and pop method is among the most popular, as it keeps your paint intact, but sometimes you may need to have your car sanded down and repainted.

    For an even closer look at the process of bumper repair, contact Michael J’s Body Shop or visit our website. Our auto body shop in San Jose is happy to help you with dent repair. You can learn much more about our auto collision center by stopping in to meet with us or calling us at (408) 279-2070 today.

  • A Closer Look at Custom Paint Jobs

    Whether your car has lost its fresh from the dealership shine, or you are simply seeking a thrilling new look for your existing ride, you may want to talk to an auto paint shop about your custom paint job options. With a custom paint job from a shop that specializes in auto body paint, you can completely transform the look of the exterior of your vehicle. Your auto paint shop technicians will work closely with you to help you design the beautiful paint job of your dreams. From gorgeous colors to custom logos or graphics, the sky is the limit when it comes to planning your paint job.

    At Michael J’s Body Shop , we are thrilled to offer our customers a great range of collision repair and painting services. When you need auto body work in San Jose, our expert team will be there to help you. For more information about how to schedule an appointment today, give us a call at (408) 279-2070.

  • Headlight Polishing 101

    When you are scheduling an auto detail service for your car, you may want to ask your technician about your options for headlight restoration. Over the course of many years of driving, your headlights can be damaged with a yellow or clouded appearance caused by rain, dust, dirt, and other contaminants. By scheduling headlight polishing with an auto body shop in San Jose, you can rest assured that your car’s headlights are in beautiful condition. Your auto body professionals will use a special compound to restore the finish of your headlights. For a closer look at the headlight polishing process, watch this video.

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