• What to Expect from Auto Body Repairs


    There are hundreds of auto body shops in San Jose , which means you’re never far from getting your car put back together following an accident. If you’ve never had to visit a collision repair facility, you might not know what to expect from the auto body repair process. To help ease your nerves and put your mind at ease, here’s a quick look at what you can expect.

    Repair Estimate

    When you first bring your vehicle in for repairs , or after it’s dropped off by a tow truck, the car will be inspected by an auto body repair professional. He or she will provide you with an estimate of the cost of repairs, though additional damage (and repair costs) may be uncovered once the vehicle is disassembled.

    Insurance Approval

    Once the estimate is completed, your insurance company will review the estimate to determine whether your vehicle is a total loss. Choosing Michael J’s Body Shop eliminates much of the hassle that comes with filing a collision insurance claim, as we handle most of the paperwork and insurance company communications on your behalf.

    Disassembly and Repair

    Depending on where the damage is located, some disassembly may be required. If inner structure damage is uncovered, it may require scheduling an insurance re-inspection and ordering additional parts. Once the full extent of the damage is known, structure and body repair professionals get to work putting your car back together and in pre-accident condition.

    Paint and Detailing

    Paint and detailing are critical components in the refinishing process. At Michael J’s Body Shop in San Jose, our color-matching specialists can precisely match any paint color, guaranteeing that your auto body repairs are virtually invisible to the naked eye. We’ll also provide in-depth interior and exterior cleaning and detailing before returning your car.

    For the best auto body repairs in San Jose , come to Michael J’s. If you have questions or would like additional information about the collision repair process, contact us online or call us at (877) 763-5195. 

  • Knowing When Your Car Needs Realignment

    Wheel Alignment Machine Clamp

    One of the easiest ways to know when your car needs an alignment is to look at the tires. Uneven tire wear is a prime indicator that your vehicle is out of alignment. Drifting or pulling to one side is another indication that your car needs realignment. Steering wheel vibrations may also be caused when your car is out of alignment.

    Besides the obvious auto body damage, car accidents can often cause issues with vehicle alignment. If you’ve been involved in an accident and notice signs that your car is misaligned, come to Michael J’s Body Shop in San Jose . Our collision repair experts know what it takes to deliver a smooth ride, and we can have your car re-aligned in no time. Call us today at (877) 763-5195 to find the body shop nearest you.