Statistics on Car Dent Causes

Accidental Dent

Dented cars are about as common as stained clothes. Still, car owners who accidentally dent their cars are often shy about owning up to it and many car owners leave dents unrepaired for far longer than they should. If you have recently dented your car and are wondering how common it is and what you should do about it, we have got some information that can help you feel better and do what is best for your car.

Just to be clear, we are not insinuating that you are responsible for that ding in your car. Statistics suggest that at least half of all car dents are not the fault of the owners driving their cars. At least a third of all car dents, however, are the result of a car owner accidentally pulling too far into a parking spot or opening their car doors into high curbs, cars parked next to them, or and other obstructions.

Regardless of how your car was dented, you should arrange to have that dent repaired sooner rather than later. To have your car looking as good as new again, bring it to one of two convenient San Jose Michael J’s Body Shop locations. To speak with a knowledgeable member of our team about our dent and collision repair services , call (877) 763-5195.

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