Different Types of Car Scratches

Scratched car paint

Noticing a scratch on your car can be frustrating, and it can happen in all sorts of environments. You may be the victim of a stray shopping cart or you may receive more serious damage from a negligent driver. Your car can even become scratched by the elements.

When you leave your car in a parking lot, you can never be sure that it is totally safe. If your car is damaged by a shopping cart, a falling tree branch, or another driver opening a door into your car, you may escape with minor clear coat damage. This can be remedied relatively easily. A deeper scratch may result in your primer being visible; this is also a somewhat simple repair, but it is important to identify the exact color of your car. More destructive car scratches are those that cut through to the metal and can lead to rust. These are the most serious scratches and often require professional attention.

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