• An Inside Look at How Paintless Scratch Repair Works

    As careful as you might be with your car, accidents happen, and you may find yourself needing to repair a scratch nonetheless. Fortunately, there are rather simple ways to fix these scratches. Here is an inside look at  how paintless scratch repair  works.

    professional mechanic using a power buffer machine for cleaning


    The first step in repairing a scratch is making sure it is indeed a scratch; sometimes discoloration occurs because paint or other coating materials are left on your car after a collision, which is mistaken for a scratch. If the mark on your car does turn out to be a scratch, the next step is to determine how deep the scratch is . The most severe scratch is one that penetrates through the clear coat, the color, and the primer, making the steel visible. Before treating the scratch, be sure to wash your car so that you avoid adding more scratches during the reparation process.

    Sanding and Polishing

    Once you have washed your car and let it dry, spray the scratch down with water and sand along the scratched area. Sand the length of the scratch, and avoid going against the grain. As you sand, repeatedly spray the scratched area down with water. Depending on how deep the scratch is, you may need to use two types of sandpaper, one coarser than the other. After you are finished sanding, spread rubbing compound around the scratched and sanded area. Next, use your buffer on low for about 10 seconds, and then at 2000 RPM for one minute. You may have to repeat this step for up to five minutes.

    Washing and Waxing

    The final steps are the most simple. Wash and towel dry the area, removing any residue that was left behind. Finally, wax the newly treated area. The car wax will help to seal the area, effectively repairing the scratch.

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  • A Look At How Car Panels Are Replaced

    Most people know how to complete simple driving-related tasks, such as filling a car’s gas tank and changing its fuel, but many people are unaware of the behind the scenes processes. Watch this video for a look at how car panels are replaced.

    The first step is to place the new panel against the body of the car, being sure to securely lock it in place with clamps. After it is welded, the seams are caulked so that they can prevent water from seeping into the back seat or trunk of the car.  

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  • Tips for Preventing Car Scratches In Parking Lots

    Parking lot

    Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about careless patrons or vandals while you are shopping. However, there are steps you can take to protect your car from damage while it is parked. Here are a few tips for preventing car scratches in parking lots.

    Park Far from Entrances

    When you park in a parking lot, the best way to minimize the possibility of sustaining scratches is by parking in as remote a location as possible. This may be inconvenient because you will have to walk further to reach your destination, but you will also save the time, money, and effort of having a scratch to repair. The inconvenience of having to walk a significant distance to an entrance is what makes those far away spots less appealing to people, so you will usually find wide-open spaces.

    Uncovered Corner Spaces

    If you cannot park in a remote area, try to park in a corner spot so that fewer cars surround you. This will reduce the possibility of doors swinging open into your car and causing deep scratches that require repairs. You should also try to find spots that are not covered by trees that may drop nuts or acorns onto your car. Although nuts and acorns are small, they still may damage or scratch your car, especially when dropped from a tall tree.

    Park Next to Favorable Vehicles

    If you find yourself in a parking lot where you cannot find an isolated area or an open, uncovered corner spot, bear in mind that it is better to park next to certain vehicles if you are trying to avoid getting scratched. Motorcycles do not have doors, so those who ride them are unlikely to accidentally damage your car. Vans and other vehicles with sliding doors are also preferable, due to the fact that they have doors that do not open outward.

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  • How to Maintain the Value of Your Vehicle

    Sport car

    Anyone who owns a car knows that vehicles are not inexpensive. Fortunately, there are various ways for you to preserve its condition and value. Here are a few ways to maintain the value of your vehicle.

    Maintaining the value of your vehicle is relatively straightforward. You must inspect it and service it routinely to avoid any major problems, drive carefully to avoid accidents and damage, and try to keep your mileage down. It also helps to keep both the exterior and interior of your car clean and presentable; this may mean opting not to eat or drink in your car so you can minimize spills and stains. Smoking in your car will reduce the value of your vehicle because it leaves a strong smell behind. Finally, make sure you store your vehicle in a safe area, away from any potential hazards.

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