• Understanding the Different Types of Physical Damage Covered by Auto Insurance

    Physical damage coverage will protect your vehicle in the event of a collision or accident . When you are insuring your vehicle, it is important to be aware of the different types of physical damage coverage that are available to you. Your insurance agent will be able to help you select the right type of physical damage coverage for your needs. To assist you with your auto insurance decision, here is a look at the different types of physical damage covered by auto insurance.

    Car Insurance Policy

    Collision Coverage

    Collision coverage  covers any damage to your vehicle that is the result of a multi-car collision, a single car accident, or potholes in the road. Your collision coverage will protect you, regardless of whether or not you are at fault for the incident. When you are choosing collision coverage, you will need to select a deductible and a premium.

    Comprehensive Coverage

    Vehicle damage is not always caused by an auto collision. Comprehensive coverage will cover any repair services that are required after your car is damaged in a non-automobile related incident. Comprehensive coverage will protect you against incidents such as falling tree limbs, natural disasters, or vandalism.

    Fire and Theft Coverage

    Fire and theft coverage offers protection against vehicle damage that has been caused by fire and theft. Some insurance companies include fire and theft coverage with their comprehensive coverage services, whereas others offer this as a separate service. When you are selecting insurance coverage for your vehicle, it is important to ask whether fire and theft coverage is included in your plan.

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  • Car Care Schedule for Peak Performance – [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Do you want your car to keep on rolling for the long haul? If so, don’t forget regular maintenance pit stops at the body shop. Proper maintenance will keep your car humming along in top shape and can prevent major malfunctions and auto repairs, saving you time and money. But just what should you do to care for your car? This infographic from our San Jose body shop lays out all of the required maintenance your car needs to stay in optimum condition. Help everyone you know extend the lives of their own vehicles by sharing this vital information from our state-of-the-art body shop.

    Car Care Schedule for Peak Performance - [INFOGRAPHIC]

  • What Does Tire Wear Tell You About Your Car?

    The wear on your tire treads can tell you a great deal about the condition of your vehicle. When you are inspecting your tire wear, it is important to look for any unusual or irregular wear patterns. To learn more about what tire wear can tell you about your car, watch this video.

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  • How to Keep Your Car from Rusting

    Rust is a serious concern for any car owner. Not only will rust ruin the appearance of your car’s body , but rust can also cause serious structural and mechanical problems throughout the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to prevent rust from forming on your vehicle. Here is an overview of how you can keep your car from rusting.

    removing rust

    Understanding How Rust Forms

    Rust is made up of a molecular compound called iron oxide. Iron oxide, or rust, forms through a process that is known as corrosion. When a metallic material comes into contact with water, the process of corrosion will begin. Over time, the metal will continue to corrode, which will create an increasing amount of rust. Cars that are driven in humid climates or on salted roads run a higher risk of rusting.

    Rust Protection and Prevention

    A brand new car contains a rust fighting sealant, which will help prevent the paint from rusting. Over the miles, this seal may begin to wear off in certain areas. When the seal wears down too far, rust may begin to form. To  protect your auto body from rust , you can wash and wax your car on a monthly basis. After you wash your car, you can re-seal any areas that show sign of rusting. If you live in a particularly harsh climate, you may want to treat the exterior of your car with an anti-rust spray. An anti-rust spray will coat the exterior of your car, and prevent rust from forming.

    If your car is experiencing a rust problem, the auto body experts at Michael J’s Body Shop will be there to help you. Our San Jose body shop offers a full range of repairs and services for your vehicle, including top quality  collision repairs . To make an appointment for your vehicle today, give us a call at (408) 279-2070.