How to Keep Your Vehicle Free of Damage This Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and the warm summer months provide many opportunities to hit the road inside your vehicle. While the summer offers fun and enjoyment for automobile owners, excessive heat and the sun’s rays can also cause damage to your vehicle. Here are some ways to keep your vehicle free of damage this summer:

Car wash

Keep Your Vehicle out of the Sun

The exterior paint and interior surfaces of your vehicle are vulnerable to damage caused by the sun’s rays. UV rays can cause your vehicle’s paint to fade and can create premature wear and cracks on your upholstery. To prevent sun damage, you should park in the shade whenever possible. Additionally, carry a sun shield for your windshield to prevent sun damage and overheating inside your vehicle.

Wash Regularly

Dirt, dust, and debris from the road can cause damage to your vehicle’s wax and paint. To prevent damage to the exterior of your vehicle, wash your vehicle regularly with soap and warm water . After you wash, be sure to apply a coat of soft wax. Wax will keep your vehicle looking shiny and fresh, and will protect your paint from scratches and other damage.

Practice Defensive Driving

Many motorists take the summer as an opportunity to go on longer road trips. If you will be out on the road this summer, be sure to practice safe and defensive driving techniques. By driving carefully, you can prevent a collision and keep your car free of any unsightly external damage that requires repair.

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