Why Do Cars Need Alignment?

Having improper wheel alignment will cause a number of problems for a vehicle. Fortunately, wheel alignment services are inexpensive and easy. To find out more about the importance of alignment and how often to get your vehicle’s wheels professionally aligned, watch this video clip.

If a vehicle’s wheels are misaligned, the vehicle will experience abnormal tire wear, handling problems, and a crooked steering wheel. Many times, it’s easy to tell if a vehicle’s wheels are misaligned. The tires will probably be worn on one side more than the other or the vehicle will pull to one side. Watch the video clip for more information about wheel alignment.

If you notice signs that your vehicle’s wheels are misaligned or if you were recently in a collision, get your wheels aligned as soon as possible. For quality wheel alignment services in San Jose, come to Michael J’s Body Shop. Call our  auto body shop  at (408) 279-2070 for more information on our services, locations, and hours. 

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