For More Useful Driving and Auto Collision Tips and Information, Please Visit The Sites Below

Your focus on safe driving is the best defense against auto collisions . However, accidents can happen to even the best drivers. Arm yourself with information on how to better your driving skills and what to do if you ever end up in a collision by visiting these helpful links.


  • You don’t have to be an aggressive driver to understand the effects that aggressive driving has on the open road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website’s aggressive driving page features a study on  motivations for speeding and a toolkit for combating the disease  whether you’re the culprit or not.
  • Distracted driving can be deadly. is the US Government’s official website for  combating distracted driving . Here you will find facts, laws, and information on how you can fight distracted driving.
  • How much is your car worth after an accident? The appraisers at discuss various factors that can cause your car to  lose value over time , including unrepaired accident damage.
  • Auto insurance helps cover the cost of collision repair. details the best procedure for  filing a physical damage claim  with your insurer.
  • Do you need an alternative to aggressive driving habits? The National Safety Council offers  defensive driving training , the best and safest alternative to a dangerous and illegal learned behavior.

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