The Problems with Leaving Auto Collision Damage Unrepaired

Auto damage due to a collision can put a damper on how you feel about your car. However, you are better off getting your car fixed than leaving the damage unrepaired. Your auto body repair technician can offer solutions to avoid long-term auto trouble and ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape following a collision. There are many dangers to leaving auto collision damage unrepaired, including:

Car that Needs Repairs


The most obvious problem that stems from failing to repair collision damage is severe rusting. Damaged areas of your car’s body will continue to corrode over time, and will be more difficult to repair each day. Eventually, the damage can become irreparable, resulting in a total loss when you could have spent a fraction of the cost at a body shop from the onset.

Hidden Damage

Unlike rust damage, your car can have collision-related problems that you can’t see. These problems range from suspension and wheel damage to broken valves and pipes, which can make your car a time bomb of sorts in that you never know when a total breakdown is going to happen. If you take your car to a collision repair technician immediately after your accident, you can benefit from full inspection that puts your mind at ease.

Depreciated Value

For some car owners, resale value is the most important concern after an accident. If your car is already paid for, you want to preserve its market value for when it’s time to upgrade. Unattended damage after an accident will not only  depreciate your car’s value  at an alarming rate or it could render the car unsellable. Your best bet is to have your car repaired immediately at an auto body shop so that you do not throw money away by letting your car go to scrap before your eyes.

At Michael J’s Body Shop, we can assess and repair your car immediately after a collision for the best chance at preserving its function and value. Call us at (408) 279-2070 to get pricing and consultation for your repair job. We work with your  auto insurance  companies in San Jose and beyond to make your repair easy on you.

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