• The Problems with Leaving Auto Collision Damage Unrepaired

    Auto damage due to a collision can put a damper on how you feel about your car. However, you are better off getting your car fixed than leaving the damage unrepaired. Your auto body repair technician can offer solutions to avoid long-term auto trouble and ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape following a collision. There are many dangers to leaving auto collision damage unrepaired, including:

    Car that Needs Repairs


    The most obvious problem that stems from failing to repair collision damage is severe rusting. Damaged areas of your car’s body will continue to corrode over time, and will be more difficult to repair each day. Eventually, the damage can become irreparable, resulting in a total loss when you could have spent a fraction of the cost at a body shop from the onset.

    Hidden Damage

    Unlike rust damage, your car can have collision-related problems that you can’t see. These problems range from suspension and wheel damage to broken valves and pipes, which can make your car a time bomb of sorts in that you never know when a total breakdown is going to happen. If you take your car to a collision repair technician immediately after your accident, you can benefit from full inspection that puts your mind at ease.

    Depreciated Value

    For some car owners, resale value is the most important concern after an accident. If your car is already paid for, you want to preserve its market value for when it’s time to upgrade. Unattended damage after an accident will not only  depreciate your car’s value  at an alarming rate or it could render the car unsellable. Your best bet is to have your car repaired immediately at an auto body shop so that you do not throw money away by letting your car go to scrap before your eyes.

    At Michael J’s Body Shop, we can assess and repair your car immediately after a collision for the best chance at preserving its function and value. Call us at (408) 279-2070 to get pricing and consultation for your repair job. We work with your  auto insurance  companies in San Jose and beyond to make your repair easy on you.

  • Testing Drivers While Texting

    From the beginning of your driving education, you learn the importance of safety behind the wheel. Distracted driving kills, and texting has become a leading distraction. As an added benefit of avoiding distracted driving behaviors, your auto insurance rate will decrease over time if you maintain safe driving habits.

    In this video, you will observe how texting affects driving ability. First, you will see how even experienced drivers are unable to drive safely while texting. You will also hear the drivers testify about the difficulty of their experiences. They unanimously concede that texting while driving is too dangerous to try on the actual road, as this experiment proved that distracted drivers are hazardous to all motorists.

    Michael J’s Body Shop can repair your car if you ever need  collision repair . Call us at (408) 279-2070 for an estimate. You can also learn more about our two state-of-the-art body shop locations in San Jose by visiting our website.

  • Collision Course: All About Auto Accidents in America – [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Car accidents are a very common occurrence, with nearly 11 million occurring each year in the U.S. While a few drivers are lucky to escape an accident with no injuries or damage, a vast majority of today’s accidents result in some property damage. After an accident that causes injury or damage, drivers must spend time seeking medical treatment and collision repair in order to get back to regular daily life. To learn more about wrecks in America, take a look at this interesting auto accident infographic from a top San Jose car repair shop. Please share it with your friends and family to spread awareness about the risks and results of auto wrecks!

    Collision Course All About Auto Accidents in America INFOGRAPHIC

  • Examples of Aggressive Driving and What You Can Do to Avoid Them

    When you’re running late, you may feel the need to speed. Some defend aggressive driving as a style choice that does not necessarily put others at risk when implemented carefully. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines aggressive driving as when an individual commits a “combination of moving traffic violations so as to endanger other persons or property.” Auto body damage is the least disastrous potential outcome to aggressive driving, as it can easily lead to injury or death. Here are a few examples of aggressive driving behaviors and what you can do to stay safe behind the wheel.

    Speeding Drivers


    Within the context of free-flow driving (driving within the flow of traffic), law enforcement may elect to ignore speeds of up to 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. However,  aggressive drivers exceed this threshold  by going faster than enforcement speed. Aggressive driving entails disregard for posted speed and willingness to accept a ticket or other punishment in exchange for driving too fast to be considered safe.

    Reckless Driving

    In addition to unsafe driving speeds, reckless driving includes failure to indicate turns and lane changes, lack of awareness for pedestrians, and other general disregard. Reckless drivers only think of themselves. Speeding and disobeying traffic laws not only reflects poorly on you as a driver, but it puts you and others at serious risk for injury and death. This type of driving can be punished with fines, and even jail time.

    Aggressive Driving Prevention

    There is no excuse for aggressive driving. Planning ahead and leaving for your destination earlier can help you to avoid the need to drive aggressively in the future. There are also classes that you can take to help alleviate the stress and anxiety that can be the root of aggressive driving, as some people drive this way regardless of circumstance.

    If you are ever the victim of someone else’s aggressive driving or another type of collision, pome to Michael J’s Body Shop for collision repair. Call us at (408) 279-2070 to learn more about our auto body repair services and pricing. We offer  lifetime warranties on our collision repair  work and accept most major auto insurance policies for San Jose area drivers.

  • Check out These Sites to Learn More About Car Safety and Winter Car Preparation

    Staying up with maintenance for your car this winter is critical if you are going to leave town into a colder climate. To learn more about preparing your car for winter and how your airbags work to keep you safe , visit these webpages. 

    Driving in the Snow

    • Seatbelts are misunderstood in many ways. Head over to to Michigan.gov to read a list of  seatbelt myths and facts .
    • Airbags are responsible for saving many lives. To find out more about  how airbags work , go to RoadSkill.org.
    • Making sure your car is ready for cold weather is crucial keep from finding yourself stuck on the side of the road. DMV.org has prepared a great list of tips on  preparing your car for winter .
    • Driving on snow or ice takes its own special set of skills. For tips on  driving safely on snow or ice  if you go out of town, check out this article from Edmunds.com.

    For more information about obtaining top-notch  maintenance or collision repair services for your car , call Michael J’s Body Shop of San Jose at (408) 279-2070.