• Understanding Airbags

    There were no airbags on the first Model T’s that rolled off the line over a century ago, but airbags have become one of the most commonly found features on today’s modern cars . But while airbags may seem simple in design, they are actually quite deceptively complex in how they operate.

    Airbags activate in 50/1000ths of a second. That’s 25% of the time it takes a humming bird to flap its wings once! They also have to deflate immediately in order to not injure or kill the driver. Watch this video to go inside the airbag testing and manufacturing process to learn more about these life-saving safety features.

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  • A Consumer’s Guide to Automotive Collision Avoidance Systems

    An increasing number of new cars offer collision avoidance systems as a standard or optional feature. These advanced safety features allow drivers everywhere to reduce their risk of getting into an auto accident . Here is an overview of some of the most common collision avoidance systems available today and how they can minimize your risk of being involved in an accident.

    Collision avoidance systems can let you know if your tiredness is causing drifting

    Lane Departure Systems

    Lane drifting happens to even the most seasoned drivers. Imagine how terrifying it must be to unintentionally drift into another lane, only to be alerted by the frantic honking of another driver or the violent vibrations of a highway rumble strip. It’s times like these when a lane departure system really shines. This  collision avoidance system  warns of an unintentional drift out of lane. Some lane departure systems even apply the brakes to automatically correct unintentional drifting or lane departure.

    Blind Spot Monitoring

    The dreaded blind spot: a danger most drivers are introduced to early in their driving careers. The blind spot is any area around the vehicle that you have to physically turn your head around to see. Other cars can lurk in your blind spot for miles without being noticed. Fortunately, blind spot monitoring technology is your third eye in this situation, warning you of vehicles in your blind spots through icons in your rearview mirror, a loud alarm, or combination of both.

    Collision Warning with Brake Support

    Some collision avoidance systems help you when you need it most. By providing the right amounts of pressure and control, brake support systems work in conjunction with a collision warning system when an accident is all but certain. When the collision warning goes off, this feature automatically applies the brakes to avoid an accident or lessen the force of the impact. 

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  • Car Dependability Infographic Sheds Some Light on the Muddy Waters of How Dependable Cars Really Are

    With so many different car makers all claiming to be the best, choosing the right car can be confusing. If you are looking for a dependable vehicle, check out this great  car dependability  infographic from  Compliance and Safety  to see if which cars make the list.

    The Most Dependable Cars Infographic

  • Check out These Resources for More Valuable Safe Driving Tips and Car Safety Information

    As San Jose’s leading collision repair center , Michael J’s Body Shop is committed to helping get your car back on the road as soon as possible following a collision. However, we are also committed to providing you with the resources you need to avoid being involved in a collision in the first place. Here are some valuable resources from around the Web to help keep you safe while on the road.

    Collision repair after an accident

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  • Max Speed Limit by State Infographic

    Ever wondered where your state stands on the average of the max speed limits across the US? Check out this great car safety infographic from Compliance and Safety to see where your state fits in the mix.

    Maximum speed limit by state

    If your are speeding or get in an accident with a speeding driver, call Michael J’s Body Shop of San Jose at (408) 279-2070 for professional service that will get your car back to it’s pre-wreck condition.