Why Price Isn’t the Only Factor You Should Consider When Shopping for a Body Shop

When it comes to auto body repair , finding a proper shop to perform your repairs is essential. The body and structure of a vehicle not only affect the appearance of the vehicle, they also play an integral role in the entire performance of any automobile. Read through the following reasons why finding a trusted and certified repair shop is so important.

Another Volkswagen Jetta - Before and after


Having body or collision repair work done at an inferior shop often has a cheaper initial cost. The problem is that this lowered cost is due to a lack of quality in materials or workmanship, or sometimes both. These issues will surface later on and the cost of the original repairs added to those for a new, proper repair will often far exceed the price to have the work done well the first time.

Low-cost work on vehicles that have suffered extensive damage will often times leave the vehicle unsafe. Structural damage needs to be repaired in a very precise manner. Poor appearance, pulling, rattling, squeaking, and a number of other problems are common results of poor workmanship or materials.


When looking for the right shop, quality customer service is just as important as the work being performed. Complementary services such as rental car assistance, pickup, and extended hours are among the many ways Michael J’s makes the process easier on the customer. Using OEM parts, working with all insurance companies, providing mobile estimates, and offering bilingual assistance are benefits that go beyond just good service.


Finding automotive shops that truly care about the customer and the vehicle that needs repairs is sometimes a challenge. Look for shops with warranties on the work and parts they provide. Check the reviews of shops that are up for consideration. It’s easy to get a sense of how a shop works just by talking to them, and seeing how they treat you as a customer.  ASE and I-CAR certifications  are just another way Michael J’s makes the choice easy.

Michael J’s Body Shop  backs all their work with a written lifetime warranty so that every job performed is guaranteed perfect. Talk to the friendly staff on the phone at (408) 279-2070.

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