Understanding the “Crumple Zone” and How it Keeps You Safe

From anti-lock brakes and side-curtain airbags to adaptive headlights and blind-spot warning systems, automotive safety has come a long way in the last few decades. But without a doubt, one of the most effective and important safety innovations is the crumple zone. The crumple zones, or crush zones, are areas of the vehicle that are designed to absorb most of the energy of impact. While this may mean extensive collision repair work, it also means that you can walk away from a crash with fewer injuries than you would have had if you were driving in the time before the crumple zone was invented.

Crumple zones keep you safe!

To help you appreciate this innovative safety feature, here is a closer look at the science behind crumple zones and how they minimize occupant injury during an automotive collision.

  • How Crumple Zones Work –  Whenever a car is involved in a crash, intense amounts of kinetic energy are transferred between it and the vehicle or object with which it collides.  Crumple zones  are designed to reduce the initial force of the crash and redistribute this force before it reaches the vehicle’s occupants. The materials that make up the crumple zone are less rigid than the materials they surround, which means that they are able to crumple in on themselves and redistribute the force of the collision before it reaches the vehicle’s occupants.
  • Where Crumple Zones are Located –  Crumple zones are primarily located in and around the areas of a vehicle that are most prone to collisions, namely the front and rear. Front and rear body panels are designed to fold together like an accordion or concertina to progressively slow the impact down and redistribute the force of the collision. Collapsible steering columns are another important component of a vehicle’s crumple zone, as a stiff and rigid steering column can be deadly in a head-on collision.

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