Safety Tips for Both You and Your Teen Driver

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Parents are a great resource for teens when it comes to learning the rules of the road and developing confidence behind the wheel. After years of experience, you will have plenty of experience to help your teen learn to drive, but it is always good to have a few reminders. Reduce risks for auto body damage during your teen driving experience by following these auto safety tips.

  • Discuss The Lesson: Successful athletes always visualize their success before beginning their game. Similarly, your student driver should have a clear mental picture of their driving route and plans for improving his driving skills. These instructions ensure the teen driver isn’t guessing about their destination or taking risky turns out of confusion.
  • Take Your Time: Anxiety and stress can be, in a sense, contagious; stay calm to keep your teen relaxed. Avoid becoming frustrated if your teen doesn’t catch on to instructions right away. Instead, encourage your teen to focus on correct mechanics and memorize the basics. This measured learning process will produce a safer teen river.
  • Prioritize Defensive Driving: Driver’s education classes teach your child how to avoid auto collisions and steer clear of the risks of the road. Parents can reinforce these safety skills by incorporating them into their instruction. Remind your child to check blind spots, signal on every turn, and keep her eyes on the road.
  • Remove All Distractions: Parents should take extra time to ensure their vehicle is distraction free. Have teen drivers shut off their cell phones, put away their iPods, and shut off the radio. This distraction-free environment will help your driver focus on the road and increase their reaction time. Plus, parents can lead by example by keeping their attention focused on their teen’s performance.

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