• Chevy Truck Collision Repair: Before and After

    No wreck should spell the end of your favorite car or truck. From big replacements to small details, a full service auto repair shop can return your wrecked vehicle to its original glory. These before and after photos show just how much work is performed by a professional auto body repair shop.

    Michael J’s Body Shop showcases its repair abilities in this informative video. Viewers learn about the vehicle being repaired and are shown its post-collision photos. Afterwards, the video displays photos of the restored truck. Viewers also get to see the numerous repair steps that happen in between the before and after photos.

    Take your own vehicle into Michael J’s Body Shop  in San Jose or call at (408) 279-2070. Our experts can help you get a nearly totaled vehicle back into working condition. Visit us online for information on store hours and directions.

  • Why Frame Damage Doesn’t Have to Equate to a Total Loss

    Michael J's Body Shop in San Jose

    Many car owners equate any type of frame damage with a total loss. However, frame damage is not a death sentence for your vehicle. This overview of frame damage repair shows drivers how a vehicle with frame damage can be rescued from the total loss process.

    • Loss Definitions: A car declared a total loss is any vehicle deemed by your insurance company to be more financial trouble than it’s worth. For example, if an older model vehicle with serious engine damage may require tons of new parts and many hours of labor to repair. If this bill exceeds the total market value of the repaired vehicle, then the vehicle will be tagged as a total loss and the insurance company may refuse to help you repair it. However, many instances of frame damage are quite inexpensive to repair. In cases like these, your damaged vehicle will likely not be declared a total loss.
    • Repair Technology: Modern auto body repair shops can fix many types of frame damage with less effort and less cost than ever before. Unibody frame machines are able to stretch and straighten vehicle frames of all types. The machine attaches to the rigid end of your vehicle’s unibody frame and uses hydraulic pressure to pull the vehicle back into shape. Once the frame has been repaired, a bit of typical auto body repair will make your vehicle look like new again.
    • Insurance Support: Your insurance company may offer to fund a few hours of auto body repair work. If the insurance company is willing to fund a unibody frame repair job, then there is a good chance that the vehicle is not a total loss. Be sure to choose an auto body shop that will accurately communicate the extent of the frame damage to your insurance company.

    Michael J’s Body Shop can help you get your vehicle back on track. Our two San Jose auto body repair shops use the latest technology to complete quick and reliable repairs. Call us at (408) 279-2070 to find out how we can restore your vehicle—even if it has frame damage.

  • The VIP Purchase Program at Michael J’s Body Shop – No Hassle, No Haggle, Absolute Best Price

    If you are in the market for a new or pre-owned car or your car was recently totaled and you need a replacement, take advantage of the VIP Purchase Program. You’ll be backed by the buying power of the Del Grande Dealer Group, which guarantees the best price available on any make or model vehicle in stock.  

    Del Grande Dealer Group

    No hassle, no haggle – you will deal directly with one point of contact through the whole process. The only way to take advantage of this service and low price guarantee is through a referral by Rich at Michael J’s Body Shop.

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  • Buying a Used Car? We Are Offering a FREE Pre-Purchase Inspection!

    Pre Purchase Inspection

    Bring the pre-owned car you are considering buying over to Michael J’s Body Shop. We will inspect the vehicle for signs of a collision, even if one wasn’t reported on the car’s Carfax report. Call Rich at 408-307-6518 to schedule this complimentary service. 

  • Michael J’s Body Shop Has Your Back When It Comes To Collision Repairs

    "Your car is in safe and experienced hands"

    Auto collisions are some of the most stressful things to deal with in life. To learn more about the frequency of fatal auto collisions, and the benefits of going with an  auto body shop that uses genuine parts rather than aftermarket parts, be sure to visit the following websites.

    For more information about vehicle safety or collision repair services, contact Michael J’s Body Shop at (408) 279-2070.

  • Reality Check: Looking at the Numbers When It Comes to Collisions Fatalities

    Safety First Warning Sign

    Auto collisions never happen at a convenient time, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared. If you’re wondering how frequently fatal auto collisions occur in the state of California, and how you can be safer on the road, continue reading.

    Traffic Fatalities

    In the state of California, the number of traffic collisions that result in fatalities has been decreasing each year. In 2010, though, there were exactly 2,715 traffic fatalities , according to the  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration .

    Alcohol-Related Collisions

    Of all of the above-mentioned traffic fatalities in the state of California, 36% of them involved at least one driver who had a blood-alcohol content above .08 (legally drunk). 

    Young Drivers

    A high number of these fatal collisions involved young drivers between the ages of 15 and 20. This is because teenagers typically underestimate the risk of getting in a crash, they have not fully developed their driving skills, and because teens are more likely than other drivers to carry passengers, not wear their seat belts, and drive at night.

    Cost of Collisions

    Nationally, over six million people are involved in automobile collisions. With all of these damaged automobiles needing repair, and over two million people suffering permanent injuries who need medical treatment, it’s not surprising that auto collisions cost over $160 billion dollars per year according to AAA.

    What the Numbers Mean

    Many drivers assume that since they have never been in an auto collision, it is less likely to happen to them. Although careful driving is a great way to reduce the likelihood of a car accident, it’s still good to take all of the safety precautions possible. Always wear a seatbelt, drive defensively, and don’t drink and drive.

    If you are ever involved in an auto collision, and your car needs auto body repair work , come to Michael J’s Body Shop in San Jose. We have been serving the Bay Area for over 20 years. Give us a call at (408) 279-2070 for more information.