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    The quality of auto body repair varies greatly depending on the body shop that you choose. If you’ve been in an auto collision, here are the benefits of going with a high quality auto body shop for your car repair needs.

    Free Pick Up and Rental Car

    It can be very difficult to get around when your car is in shambles. The professionals at Michael J’s Body Shop understand this, which is why they offer a free shuttle service. Michael J’s Body Shop will pick you up from anywhere in San Jose and take you to the shop. Alternatively, if you wish to have a rental car, Michael J’s Body Shop can offer you a free car rental for up to five days.

    Genuine Parts

    Auto parts vary in their quality, which is why it’s always a good idea to go with the highest quality parts available—original parts made by the manufacturer. Aftermarket parts , which are not built and tested by the manufacturer of your car, have been known to present a serious safety risk, according to Consumer Reports . Michael J’s Body Shop only uses genuine parts, so quality is never a concern.

    Lifetime Repair Warranty

    At Michael J’s Body Shop, there’s no need to worry about the quality of your auto repair. If any part of your repair ends up causing a problem down the road, you won’t have to hesitate before coming back to Michael J’s Body Shop to get it fixed.

    Extended Hours

    Many auto repair shops are open from Monday through Friday. But Michael J’s Body Shop is open Monday through Saturday in order to accommodate your busy schedule. If you need repair work done, Michael J’s Body Shop is a convenient place to get a quality car repair service as soon as possible.

    A Range of Collision Repair Services                            

    Michael J’s Body Shop offers a wide variety of repair services, including paint color matching, frame straightening, alignments and suspension adjustments, auto detailing, and expert dent repair. There’s no job too large or small for the technicians at Michael J’s Body Shop.

    If you need high quality auto repair services in the San Jose area , come to Michael J’s Body Shop. Give us a call at (408) 279-2070 for more information, and be sure to check out our website to see all of the auto repair services we have to offer.

  • Safe Driving Tip #1: Look Ahead!

    Each year, countless drivers get into accidents that are easily avoidable. For some helpful tips from a professional driver on how to avoid collisions while driving , watch the video.

    One of the biggest tips is to avoid relying on the brake lights of the auto in front of you to know when to apply your brakes. Instead, look ahead of the car in front of you and determine if you will need to start slowing down. If you see a traffic jam or a pedestrian crossing the street, apply your auto’s brakes gradually so that you won’t have to perform a panic stop.

    In the unfortunate event that you are ever in a collision, be sure that you take your car to Michael J’s Body Shop. We have a reputation in the San Jose area for offering  cost- and time-efficient auto body repairs . For more information, give us a call at (408) 279-2070.

  • Learn More About Staying Safe On The Road With These Links

    Woman Driving a New Car

    Though it’s nice to have an auto body shop that you can rely on , the best policy is to be a safe driver. By staying under the speed limit and obeying all traffic laws, you greatly reduce your risk of nasty collisions. For more information, take a look at these additional resources:

    • Do you need help learning how to drive defensively ? Check out this page from HowStuffWorks.com.
    • Texting while driving is as dangerous as driving while drunk, if not more dangerous. Learn more at this page from Car and Driver .
    • How many lives have been saved by seat belts ? Find out at this page from the National Safety Council.
    • Speeding is the main reason behind a staggering number of accidents. Learn more at SmartMotorist.com.

    Do you have any vehicle safety questions? Call Michael J’s Body Shop at (408) 279-2070.

  • Thanks for supporting our year-round food drive, Yuriko!

    Michael J’s Body Shop would like to give a BIG thank-you to Yuriko, Office Manager at Greg Pond State Farm Agents office, for stopping by with a donation for our year-round food drive! Every can counts!

    Yuriko Food Donation

    If you are interested in donating, bring your non-perishable food items to one of our body shops in San Jose . You can also donate online through our website . Simply click on the green Second Harvest Food Bank logo at the top of our homepage. 

  • The Importance of Defensive Driving

    Smiling female fastening her seat belt.

    Unfortunately, the cost of reckless driving often goes far beyond the body shop . According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are over 30,000 traffic fatalities every year. Perhaps the most heartbreaking thing about this statistic is that so many of these deaths can be avoided. One of the best ways to bring the number of deaths down to zero is to practice a little defensive driving. Here’s a brief look at why defensive driving is so important:  

    • Staying safe

    Avoiding injury or death is by far the most important reason to drive defensively . Though you may feel confident in your ability to drive dangerously, one little slip up is the only thing separating you from a hospital bed. If you still insist on driving recklessly, you should keep in mind that your behavior can directly impact the lives of others. In order to avoid excruciating injury or crushing guilt, you should be constantly aware of your surroundings whenever you drive.    

    • Avoiding legal trouble

    Though the police can’t patrol every street at all times, they’re bound to catch you eventually if you make reckless driving a habit. If you should get into an accident, the other driver might even sue you for negligence. In order to avoid a hefty fine or jail time, you should always drive the speed limit and stay several car lengths behind the car in front of you.

    • Saving money

    There are many car owners out there who simply adore their cars. If you’re one of them, keeping your cherished vehicle intact should be reason enough to drive carefully. If you get into an accident due to reckless driving, you could be faced with either a hefty bill from the auto body shop or the cruel reality of needing a new car.

    If you’re looking for an excellent collision repair shop in the San Jose area , look no further than Michael J’s Body Shop. Unlike other auto body shops, we won’t charge you an inflated price for your collision repair. For more information, call us today at (408) 279-2070.   

  • 5 Safe Driving Habits Everyone Should Have

    speed limit 70 sign

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are an estimated 10 million car accidents every year—that’s roughly one accident for every thirty Americans. Though the vast majority of accidents are harmless, many cause severe injury or even death. While there are plenty of good auto body repair shops around, the best policy is to avoid accidents altogether. Here are a few important safe driving habits: 

    Checking blind spots

    Though it’s always a good idea to check your mirrors often, sometimes this isn’t enough. In order to ensure that you can see everything around you, it’s important that you turn your head and look behind you whenever you want to change lanes.

    Obeying the speed limit

    Speeding is a major factor in many auto accidents . Some drivers seem to think that speed limits are more of a suggestion, and are content to go 10 or 15 mph faster. By training yourself to notice and obey posted speed limits, you’ll be doing yourself and others a huge favor.

    Wearing a seat belt

    According to the National Safety Council, seat belts saved over 75,000 lives between 2004 and 2008. Though that strap of nylon may not seem very substantial, it can be the difference between life and death.

    Using turn signals

    Since we can’t read each other’s minds, it’s essential that you do your best to indicate your intentions to other drivers. By using your turn signals every single time you turn or change lanes, you be more likely to stay out of accidents.

    Avoiding distractions

    Cell phones are becoming an ever-larger part of our daily lives. However, they can be incredibly dangerous when used while driving. One study even suggests that using cell phones while driving is worse than driving while intoxicated.

    Unfortunately, safe driving habits aren’t always enough to protect you. If your vehicle needs high-quality collision repair , bring it by Michael J’s Body Shop. Located in a giant 15,000 square foot facility, we’re one of the best-equipped auto body shops in the San Jose area. For more information, call us today at (408) 279-2070.