• Be Prepared For a Roadside Emergency – Watch This Video for Tips

    Are you prepared for a roadside emergency? The unfortunate truth is that most people are not. A car emergency kit is not difficult or expensive to put together—and it may actually save your life. To learn how to prepare a roadside emergency kit, take a look at this video. You may not be able to prevent an auto collision , you can be prepared for other emergencies that may arise.

    First, you will need a set of jumper cables or a self-enclosed battery jump system. You will also need a tire inflation product in case of a flat tire. If you have a pickup or an SUV, you will need to have at least two tire inflation products in your emergency kit. It is also a good idea to have zip-ties in your emergency kit in case you are involved in a minor fender bender or car accident and you need to keep a headlight, mirror, or fender from dragging on the ground.

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  • Defensive Driving Tips to Keep You and Your Car Safe on the Road

    Keeping Eyes on the Road

    The automobiles of today are safer than ever, but that doesn’t mean that the drivers of today are safer as well. While improvements in automotive technology and vehicle design will continue to help us stay safe on the road, the bottom line is that car accidents are generally the result of human error. The best way to avoid dangerous accidents and trips to the body shop is by practicing safe driving techniques. Here are some of the best defensive driving tips to remember when you get behind the wheel:

    • Don’t Follow Too Closely

    A large number of the auto body repairs we perform are on vehicles that were too close to the car ahead. Drivers need enough time to react in case the car in front of them makes a sudden turn or stop. Many driving instructors recommend a “three-second rule” to estimate the distance between you and the car in front of you.

    • Watch Out for Aggressive Drivers

    As important as it is to avoid being the dangerous driver, it is just as important to avoid aggressive drivers . If you notice a vehicle making unpredictable lane changes, sudden stops, swerving, or tailgating, be sure to give yourself plenty of distance and only pass them if absolutely necessary.

    • Be Aware of Your Surroundings

    Another key to safe driving is observing and responding to the unexpected things that other drivers do. By constantly scanning the road ahead of and behind you, you will be able to spot aggressive drivers, road hazards, debris, and traffic conditions that could cause an accident.

    Even if you are the safest driver on the planet, you can still end up in an accident. Fortunately, the auto body and collision repair specialists here at Michael J’s Body Shop can have your vehicle back to pre-collision condition in no time. For more than 20 years, Michael J’s Body Shop has been exceeding the expectations of San Jose car owners when it comes to collision repair . For more information, contact us online or dial (408) 279-2070.


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  • Learn More About Total Loss, Insurance Claims and What To Do After a Car Accident

    Beautiful brunette woman driving a car

    Were you recently in an auto collision ? The process of recovering from an auto collision can be time-consuming and arduous, but there are ways to simplify the process. The following websites will help you to do so.

    • Learn what to do when your car has been declared a total loss by visiting Edmunds.com.
    • If you are ever in an auto collision , it pays to know exactly how to handle the situation. For expert advice, visit this page.
    • If you want to get a general overview of what makes an auto insurance company declare a car to be a total loss, visit this article from GEICO.com.
    • For tips on obtaining a rental car , this article by USA Today is a great starting point.
    • Go to AOL.Autos.com to learn what goes into an auto repair estimate .

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  • Can I Keep My Car and Have It Repaired Even if My Insurance Company Declares It a Total Loss?

    Tow Truck with Damaged Car

    Even if your auto insurance company has declared your car to be a total loss after an accident, you may still want to look into auto body repair. Keep reading to find out why this approach can be a better financial decision:

    • Understanding a Total Loss

    If your car suffered from a rollover, airbag deployment, excessive front-end damage, or engine damage, some auto insurance companies will be quick to consider the car a total loss. Other times, insurance companies will declare a car totaled if the cost of repairing each damaged part would approach the cost of replacing the car, even if the vehicle is capable of auto body repair.

    Depending on the severity of the loss, it may be more cost-effective to repair your vehicle than to invest in a new one. Plus, in many cases, if you have your car replaced, your insurance rates will increase more in a new vehicle than if you take your car to an auto body repair shop.

    • How to Get Your Car Repaired

    One way to have your car repaired is to accept the total loss compensation that your auto insurance company offers you, use that money to buy back your wrecked vehicle, and pay for the costs of auto repair at a reputable shop. Just know, however, that the car will probably receive a note on the title stating that this has happened.

    If you are looking around for a high-quality, affordable auto repair shop to repair your total loss vehicle, visit Michael J’s Body Shop in San Jose, CA. We’ve been serving the Bay area for over 20 years. Call us at (408) 279-2070 or visit our website for more information on our services.