Common Driving Issues that Can Arise Following a Car Accident

Traffic smash

If you’ve recently been in a collision but have found your car’s engine still operates, then you may have continued driving the car as-is rather than taking it to a collision repair center . Some people do this because they are afraid their insurance won’t cover repairs or because they have had poor auto body shop experiences in the past. Unfortunately, there are serious issues that occur when driving a damaged car. Here’s a look at a few.

Suspension Damage: Your suspension absorbs a lot of impact during a collision and is usually damaged as a result. This can cause a pulling of the vehicle to one side, shaking or “shimmying,” a rough ride, and tire damage.

Alignment Issues: Whether your axle was hit or your tires smashed the curb, your alignment will almost always be thrown off, affecting your ability to control the vehicle safely after the collision.

Leaks: Leaking of fluids is extremely common after an accident. Although it won’t immediately affect your car’s operation, it can cause major engine damage in the future. If you notice leaking, then distinguish what type of liquid it is so your collision repair service will be able to diagnose the problem.

Worsening Noises: When your car makes noises, it’s because there is friction occurring somewhere, which will almost always get worse over time. Listening to those noises is like listening to a ticking time bomb.

Major Damage: Although your vehicle may only appear to be dented, there could be deeper structural damage. Without proper repair at a collision center, your car will be much more vulnerable to major, irreparable damage if another accident occurs.

Injury: Of course, when your car is vulnerable to severe damage, you and your passengers are vulnerable to severe injury . Don’t compromise the safety of your loved ones—choose a quality auto body shop to perform collision repair services right away .

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