• 3 Essential Qualities and Services to Look for in a Collision Repair Shop

    If you’ve been in an accident and need any auto body repair work done, then you may not have any idea about how to find a decent body shop. Your insurance company will have a list of body shops they like to work with, but you may be able to find a body shop that will do a better job for you.

    There are a couple of things that you’ll want to look for in a reliable collision repair shop. It pays to take your time, ask a few questions and follow your gut when it comes to finding a body shop . Here are a few pointers that will help you along the way.

    towing away

    Getting into an accident is stressful enough. Finding the right auto body repair shop can make the next steps easier and hassle-free.


    1. Ask about specialization . An auto body repair shop will be able to do basic cosmetic work, but what about more structural issues. Ask if they have mechanics that specialize in frame straightening and repair, alignment issues, and suspension. A large part of the damage to your car may not be visible and you want to know your collision repair specialist will recognize more subtle problems.
    2. Reviews. Reviews can come from word of mouth, or websites like the Better Business Bureau. If you have friends or family members who have had collision repair work done, then ask them which body shop did the work and whether or not they were happy.
    3. Warranty. A reliable auto body repair shop will stand behind the job they do. Ask them about what kind of warranty they offer and what it covers. Ask them if there would be any additional costs, even if something might be covered by the warranty. A good body shop will go over everything they did and cover all work with a minimum 1 to 2 year warranty.

    Finding the right auto body shop isn’t necessarily hard, but it does take time and a little diligence. Spending an extra day or two trying to find the right body shop will pay off in the long run when you’re happy with how your car looks and drives for years.

    If you’re in need of auto body work, then you should call Michael J’s Body Shop at (408) 279-2070. Your total satisfaction is our top priority and we will gladly answer any questions you may have prior to getting your vehicle repaired.

  • Car Insurance: How Do Accidents Affect Car Insurance?

    If you’ve been in an auto accident, then you may be wondering if your vehicle premium will be affected. This is especially true if you’ve had a clean driving record up to this point. In this video you’ll get information form an auto insurance expert on how accidents will affect your car insurance. While you may be tempted to change auto insurance, realize that while your old insurance company may not have noticed that accident yet, a new insurance company will.

    If you’ve been in an accident and need help with auto body repair , then you should bring your car to Michael J’s Body Shop. Give us a call at (408) 279-2070 and we’ll help get you back on the road again. 

  • The Leading Causes of Car Accidents and Steps You Can Take to Avoid Them

    Every year thousands of people are involved in automobile accidents ranging from the incredibly minor to life threatening. In addition to the toll they take on you, they necessitate millions of dollars in property and collision repair. The real tragedy is that so many of these issues could have been avoided in the first place.

    Auto accident

    So what are the causes of accidents? They really just fall into a few categories, and most are incredibly easy to avoid. So read on and you’ll better understand the basics of what causes accidents and how to avoid them.

    • Distraction . Sounds simple, but think about this one (not while driving). Using a cell phone, eating, applying makeup, and even having an intense conversation with someone in the car all take your mind off the road. Focus on the task at hand, which is driving your car and plan enough time to do all of those other things before or after you go for a drive.
    • Altered Driving . This shouldn’t even be called an accident. Alcohol, drugs, and tired driving make you an accident waiting to happen. Avoid driving when you’re not at your best. This includes something as simple as not leaving for a road trip after having worked a full day or planning ahead when attending an event serving alcohol.
    • Recklessness . Here we’re going to include everything from speeding to aggressive driving. The only thing that these behaviors do is put you in danger of not making it to your destination. If someone cuts you off, use your horn to let them know rather than riding too close or swerving around them. It’ll keep you safe, your car out of the body shop, and maybe your civility will rub off on the next driver.

    So many car accidents fall into these three categories. Drive safely and keep your car out of the body shop to avoid costly collision repairs .

    If you do end up on the wrong end of an accident and need a body shop , then you should call Michael J’s Body Shop at (408) 279-2070. Our collision repair experts will get your car fixed properly and out of the body shop as quickly as possible.