• Do You Have a Roadside Emergency Kit Yet?

    Even with careful driving, being out on the road is unpredictable. You never know when a collision or mechanical issue will leave you stranded and in need of help. Cell phones may make it easier than ever before to get assistance, but you can’t always get a signal, and you may need to care for […]

  • What Are OEM Parts?

    Supermarkets stock both brand name products and generic or store brand products. Both products are similar, but sometimes there can be a difference in quality. The same is true of OEM and aftermarket car parts. Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are made by the manufacturer of the vehicle. They were designed and produced to perfectly fit […]

  • How Frame Straightening Machines Work

    Auto body shops have specialized frame straightening machines capable of repairing damaged vehicle frames. When you watch the accompanying video, you’ll see a frame straightener at an auto collision center. The damaged vehicle is placed on a platform. It features two towers, which are upright posts, and a hydraulic ram. Clamps are mounted on the […]

  • A Look at the Evolution of Auto Safety

    Auto safety features have evolved considerably since an experimental steam-powered car killed a scientist, Mary Ward, in Ireland in 1869. Ward has the dubious distinction of being the first known car crash victim. Back then, steam cars were seen as an eccentric hobby, and safety features were unheard of. Just as auto body shops have […]

  • Overcoming Driving Fear After a Major Accident

    The average car accident lasts a mere matter of seconds, but it always leaves a lasting impression. A serious wreck, especially one that caused major injuries, can cause psychological trauma. If you’re feeling nervous after a wreck, you might find yourself unable to drive your repaired car home from the auto body shop . Aside […]

  • Comparing Basecoats, Clear Coats, and Sealers

    An auto body paint job is a lot more involved than just spraying on a quick layer. When you take your car to a professional auto paint shop, your ride will be treated to multiple coats of carefully applied, specially formulated paint and protective materials. First, primer is applied to any unpainted surface. When working […]

  • Simple Preparedness Tips for New Drivers

    As a new driver, you probably aren’t expecting to wind up at a collision repair shop any time soon. But accidents do happen and cars do break down unexpectedly, so it’s important to be prepared for anything. You’ll hear an introduction to basic preparedness when you watch this video, presented by a life coach. She […]

  • Demystifying Your Auto Insurance Policy

    Auto insurance: Every driver needs it, but few find it easy to understand. If your insurance policy seems like a foreign language to you, you’re in good company. While you don’t need to remember every detail of your coverage, there are a few main categories you should be familiar with. If you’re ever in need […]

  • Basic Stages in the Post-Accident Repair Process

    Surviving a car accident is the most important thing, but picking up the pieces afterward can definitely be a nuisance. Being suddenly deprived of your car can be a major disruption to your schedule. It’s crucial to choose an auto body shop known for its unbeatable customer service. A staff that helps you with a […]

  • How Unrepaired Body Damage Can Lighten Your Wallet

    If cosmetic damage doesn’t bother you too much, you might be tempted to pocket the check from the insurance company and skip the paintless dent repair. But you should know that pocketing the check now could lighten your wallet later on. One reason is that it lowers the value of your vehicle. If you try […]