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Surviving a car accident is the most important thing, but picking up the pieces afterward can definitely be a nuisance. Being suddenly deprived of your car can be a major disruption to your schedule. It’s crucial to choose an auto body shop known for its unbeatable customer service. A staff that helps you with a rental car and offers free pick-up can prove invaluable in the wake of a crash.

Insurance Claim

After a crash, your first step is to check on everyone’s health and safety and then to call the police to file an accident report. Then, you’ll need to contact your insurance agent to file a claim. Your insurance agent will help you figure out where to get your car towed. Your insurance carrier may prefer that you use a center within their network.

Insurance claim form


Once your car arrives at the auto collision center, a technician will perform a full assessment of the damage. Certain parts of your car will be disassembled. This is because car accidents often cause hidden damage that isn’t immediately apparent. Then, the technician develops a written estimate for the cost of the parts and labor. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the estimate.

Collision Repairs

The body shop may need to order some parts before repairs can begin. You can ask the body shop if they will order aftermarket or OEM parts. OEM stands for an original equipment manufacturer. OEM parts tend to be a little pricier, but they’re often the preferred choice given the quality and warranty. Once the parts have arrived, the technician will complete the repairs.

Auto Body Paint

The repair of your vehicle is followed by a professional paint job. The technician can precisely match the shade of new paint to the remaining paint already on the car. When your car is ready for pick-up, you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between its pre-accident and post-accident condition.

From start to finish, your complete satisfaction is our highest priority here at Michael J’s Body Shop. We even offer extended business hours, free pick-up assistance, and rental car assistance. Call our auto collision center in San Jose at 408-279-2070 or browse our website to learn more about the collision repair process.