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When cars are involved in collisions, chances are they will need body work. One of the most complicated aspects of bodywork and collision repair is paint restoration. Paint colors vary greatly between different automotive manufacturers and making a car look exactly as it did before an accident requires the right equipment and skills. Here is an in-depth look at how paint is repaired and restored to its original condition after an accident.

Paint Matching

One of the most important aspects of paint restoration is paint matching, which refers to the process of mixing different hues of paint in order to achieve a specific color. Base colors are mixed first. Then, more colors are added to refine the shade until its perfect. All automotive paints come with a code that, when entered into a computer, can tell a body shop technician the type of paints to mix and in what quantities to mix them.

Paint Preparation

Once the paint is matched, the preparation for painting the car begins. The first step is to buff and sand the car down to its frame, removing the paint and the clear coat. Next, the technician will tape and cover the car with plastic so that only the area in need is painted. The last step of the process is the addition of the new clear coat, which the paint will bond with.

Paint Application

The last step in a paint restoration is applying the colored paint to the exterior of the damaged area. Several coats ensure that the paint bonds properly to the vehicle. The specially designed paint guns used by auto body shops prevent clumping and an uneven coat.

Michael J’s Body Shop is the preferred body shop of the Del Grande Dealer Group in San Jose. Our body shop can help restore your car after an accident to its original condition. Call us at 408-279-2070 or visit us online for more information.