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Immediately following an accident, you evaluate the situation: you’re OK, your children are OK, and the other driver is OK. Your car, on the other hand, isn’t so fortunate. You watch as it is towed away, deflated airbags dangling from the dashboard and broken glass littering the street. Shortly thereafter, you receive dreadful news from your insurance agent: Your vehicle is considered a total loss. But how did they come to this conclusion and what can you do if you disagree?

To learn how insurance companies define a vehicle as totaled, take a look at this video. Additionally, find out how these situations are open to negotiations and what you can do to overturn the decision.

If you succeed in overturning the decision to have your vehicle totaled, then choose Michael J’s Body Shop for all your auto body repair services. In addition to the big name companies, we work with local and regional insurance providers to help salvage your car. For more information, contact us online or call 408-279-2070.