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Whether you are seeking a fresh new look for your vehicle, or you have recently experienced a collision, you may be thinking about visiting your auto body shop for a new paint job. By trusting your auto body paint services to a team of experienced professionals, you can make sure that you achieve terrific results, every time. Let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions about auto body painting.

Technician is painting car


Will My New Paint Match My Existing Coat?

When you have a section of your car repainted after a collision, you may have concerns about whether the paint job will blend in seamlessly with your original paint job. Your auto body shop will match the color paint code of your car’s current paint to their new paint formula. With the paint matching process, nearly perfect results can be achieved.

Why Shouldn’t I Just Paint My Car on My Own?

If you are tempted to touch up your paint at home, you may want to think twice before you attempt this procedure. Auto painting is a complicated process that requires special tools and training. When you try to repair your paint in your garage, you may end up with unsatisfactory results.

What Is Included in My Auto Paint Services?

During a professional auto paint procedure, you will receive several different services. First, your technicians will sand down the original layer of paint. Next, they will take care to match your new paint for your current car color. Once the paint has been applied and has been left to dry, your car will also receive a coat of gloss.

To schedule services at a highly rated auto paint shop in San Jose, contact Michael J’s Body Shop by calling 408-279-2070. As one of the most popular car paint shops in the local area, we are pleased to provide all of our customers with terrific auto body paint services. From color matching to paintless dent repair and more, our shop offers a full range of repair services.