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Automotive Garage Servicing SUV'S

Once upon a time, damaged automobile parts could only be repaired by the skilled hands of trained professionals. Technological advances in the automotive industry changed this, notably reducing the labor intensity and time required for collision repairs. Today, auto body frame machines are used to thoroughly and accurately repair collision damage in an efficient and safe manner. If you would like to learn more about the technology behind these machines, keep reading below.

Hydraulic Power

Multi-ton hydraulic auto body repair machines can employ superhuman strength to push and pull damaged vehicle frames back into place. A single body repair machine has the strength of several men and does not face the space complications that arise when several bodies attempt to apply pressure to one part of an automobile frame at the same time.

Innovative Design

Body frame repair towers, capable of rotating 360 degrees, give machines full access to damaged automobiles. Modern machines with several towers have proven remarkably adept and efficient when it comes to collision repair. In collaboration with highly skilled human mechanics, today’s machines are highly effective auto body repair agents.

Computerized Measuring Tools

In order to provide the best auto body repair services, a mechanic must be able to take precise measurements of a vehicle and its damaged areas. The most advanced body frame repair machines are equipped with computerized measuring equipment that makes accurate adjustments easier than ever before.

At Michael J’s Body Shop in San Jose, we employ the latest in auto body frame mechanics when carrying out our collision repair services. This technology, combined with our mechanics’ experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, making us one of the Bay Area’s premier auto body repair shops. To schedule a service appointment or procure a free collision repair estimate, call 408-279-2070.