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Car Kept in a Row at Body Shop in San Jose, CA

When your car is stuck in the shop, you’re often left feeling helpless. Although many people have been in this situation, it’s important to know that not all body shops are the same—at Michael J’s Body Shop in San Jose, it’s easy to get around while your car is in the body shop. Keep reading to find out why:

Getting to the Body Shop

The first challenge that most people encounter after an auto collision is how to get their car to the body shop. If it’s a Saturday, it might not be possible to take your car in at all. At Michael J’s, however, you can count on being able to take your car into our shop with our extended hours and Saturday availability. We even offer free pick-up assistance anywhere in San Jose.

Obtaining a Rental Car

After you drop your car off at a body shop, you will need to start looking for an affordable auto rental. At Michael J’s, we take pride in making this process as stress-free as possible for you. We will help you secure temporary transportation, thus reducing the hassle and time spent trying to get a rental car.

Many body shops take their time and have no sense of urgency. Michael J’s Body Shop is different—we provide cost-effective, lifetime warranty repairs that make your car look just like new. Our reduced cycle time will ensure that you are back on the road in the shortest amount of time possible.

Bring your vehicle to us for cutting-edge, affordable, Monday-through-Saturday auto body repair. Call us at 408-279-2070 or contact us for an email estimate for your auto repair.