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speed limit sign

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are an estimated 10 million car accidents every year—that’s roughly one accident for every thirty Americans. Though the vast majority of accidents are harmless, may cause severe injury or even death. While there are plenty of good auto body repair shops around, the best policy is to avoid accidents altogether. Here are a few important safe driving habits:

Checking blind spots

Though it’s always a good idea to check your mirrors often, sometimes this isn’t enough. In order to ensure that you can see everything around you, it’s important that you turn your head and look behind you whenever you want to change lanes.

Obeying the speed limit

Speeding is a major factor in many auto accidents. Some drivers seem to think that speed limits are more of a suggestion, and are content to go 10 or 15 mph faster. By training yourself to notice and obey posted speed limits, you’ll be doing yourself and others a huge favor.

Wearing a seat belt

According to the National Safety Council, seat belts saved over 75,000 lives between 2004 and 2008. Though that strap of nylon may not seem very substantial, it can be the difference between life and death.

Using turn signals

Since we can’t read each other’s minds, it’s essential that you do your best to indicate your intentions to other drivers. By using your turn signals every single time you turn or change lanes, you are more likely to stay out of accidents.

Avoiding distractions

Cell phones are becoming an ever-larger part of our daily lives. However, they can be incredibly dangerous when used while driving. One study even suggests that using cell phones while driving is worse than driving while intoxicated.

Unfortunately, safe driving habits aren’t always enough to protect you. If your vehicle needs high-quality collision repair, bring it by Michael J’s Body Shop. Located in a giant 15,000 square foot facility, we’re one of the best-equipped auto body shops in the San Jose area. For more information, call us today at 408-279-2070.