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A Look at the Evolution of Auto Safety

Auto safety features have evolved considerably since an experimental steam-powered car killed a scientist, Mary Ward, in Ireland in 1869. Ward has the dubious distinction of being the first known car ...
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Overcoming Driving Fear After a Major Accident

The average car accident lasts a mere matter of seconds, but it always leaves a lasting impression. A serious wreck, especially one that caused major injuries, can cause psychological trauma. If ...
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Comparing Basecoats, Clear Coats, and Sealers

An auto body paint job is a lot more involved than just spraying on a quick layer. When you take your car to a professional auto paint shop, your ride will be treated to multiple coats of carefully ...
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Simple Preparedness Tips for New Drivers

As a new driver, you probably aren’t expecting to wind up at a collision repair shop any time soon. But accidents do happen and cars do break down unexpectedly, so it’s important to be ...
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Demystifying Your Auto Insurance Policy

Auto insurance: Every driver needs it, but few find it easy to understand. If your insurance policy seems like a foreign language to you, you’re in good company. While you don’t need to ...
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Basic Stages in the Post-Accident Repair Process

Surviving a car accident is the most important thing, but picking up the pieces afterward can definitely be a nuisance. Being suddenly deprived of your car can be a major disruption to your schedule. ...
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How Unrepaired Body Damage Can Lighten Your Wallet

If cosmetic damage doesn’t bother you too much, you might be tempted to pocket the check from the insurance company and skip the paintless dent repair. But you should know that pocketing the ...
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New Tech to Prevent Car Collisions

Investing in a newer model of car may help keep you out of the hospital and the auto body shop. Newer models tend to have better anti-crash technology, such as the systems discussed in this featured ...
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The Dos and Don'ts of Car Crash Etiquette

Etiquette is probably the last thing on your mind after someone rear-ends your car. Do try to remember, however, that handling a car wreck inappropriately can make the situation worse. Plus, using the ...
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Common Types of Hidden Collision Damage

Collision repair experts most often work with vehicle owners not long after they’ve been in a car accident. But a surprising number of people avoid taking their cars to auto body shops after a ...
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What Our Customers Love About Michael J's

Since 1988, drivers in San Jose have put their trust in Michael J’s Body Shop. Since we’re a family-owned collision repair business, we’re able to devote our time to providing ...
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Why Drivers Should Always Check Passengers for Seatbelt Compliance

Not all states require rear passengers to be buckled in, which is why all drivers should get into the habit of making sure their passengers are using their seatbelts. After all, parents wouldn’t ...
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Rollover Accidents: Know What to Do Just in Case It Happens to You

Rollover accidents aren’t common, but they are often deadly when they do happen. Even if you survive a rollover crash, you could easily sustain serious injuries, which might be permanently ...
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How the Pros Avoid These Common Paint Mistakes

If you’ve never painted a car before, you might assume that it’s much like using a paint sprayer on an exterior wall of your home. But painting cars is far more complicated, and it’s ...
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Common Causes of Wheel Misalignment

Wheel misalignments can cause significant problems for your car. Even a slight misalignment can cause damaging wear and tear, but unfortunately, they are very common. If you take your car in for ...
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Until What Age Should Kids Use Booster Seats?

Booster seats can keep kids safer during collisions than simply wearing a seatbelt until they reach a certain age and height. Parents may be surprised to learn just how long kids should be using ...
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How Coastal Living Can Affect Your Vehicle

It’s hard to beat the lifestyle in California, but all of the sea air and sunshine can take a toll on your vehicle. Fortunately, with the help of your auto body shop, you can take steps to ...
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FAQs and Answers About Frame Damage

After an auto collision, the damage you see on the outside of your car is not all you have to worry about. Damage to the frame can’t readily be seen, but if left unrepaired it can lead to ...
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Checking Your Alignment After an Accident

A mild fender bender and a serious collision involving multiple vehicles can both leave your car with serious damage, so you should visit the auto body shop if you’re in any kind of accident. ...
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Safety Advice for New Drivers

As you become accustomed to all of the techniques that keep you safe on the road, they’ll become second nature to you. If you just started driving, you need to know how to keep your car out of ...
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