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Auto Frame Damage: How the Experts Can Fix It

Several factors are involved when it comes to repairing your car after a collision, and one of the most important of these is frame straightening. If your vehicle has frame damage, then keep reading ...
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Why It's Dangerous to Drive with a Broken Suspension

Your car’s suspension system contains many critical components that are used throughout your drives. Whenever you travel down the road or turn your steering wheel, your car’s suspension ...
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Tips for Keeping You and Your Car Safer on the Road

When you drive a car, it is important to make safe driving decisions that will reduce your risk of getting into an accident on the road. In this video from CARFAX, you will learn some essential tips ...
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Things That Can Ruin Your Vehicle's Paint

A shiny coat of paint provides your car with much more than style and visual appeal. In fact, a properly maintained paint job protects your vehicle’s steel components from rusting and ...
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Signs That Your Car Could Benefit from Detailing Service

There are few better feelings than driving a brand new car home from the dealership. If your car has started to lose its new car cleanliness and shine, however, you may be overdue for detailing ...
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Give Your Car a Facelift with Our Dent Repair Services

Neglecting to repair dents in the body of your car can lead to increased maintenance troubles in the future. Additionally, you may find that you have less self confidence when you drive around in a ...
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Use These Techniques to Become a Better Driver

If you want to avoid taking your car to the auto body shop for frequent repairs, it is important to drive as smartly and safely as possible. In this video from Car Throttle, you will receive some ...
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Your Step-by-Step Guide to the Car Repair Process

After you experience an accident while driving your vehicle, you may experience feelings of concern regarding how you will restore your car to safe driving condition. Fortunately, by visiting a ...
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Answering Common Questions About Auto Body Painting

Whether you are seeking a fresh new look for your vehicle, or you have recently experienced a collision, you may be thinking about visiting your auto body shop for a new paint job. By trusting your ...
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Why It's Important to Have Proper Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment is vital for the overall safety and performance of your vehicle.If your wheels are out of alignment, they could cause your steering wheel to pull to one side or the other as you ...
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Avoiding Rear-End Crashes

Rear-end collisions make up about a third of all of the accidents that occur every year. When you watch this video, you will receive some important information about how to prevent a rear-end crash ...
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Signs That Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

Your car’s suspension system is among its most sophisticated components. Without a properly working suspension system, you will find that your car is extremely rough and bumpy to drive down the ...
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Driving Mistakes That Can Harm Your Vehicle

In order to be a smart and safe driver, it is important to monitor your typical driving habits to avoid common driving errors. With only a split second of inattention, you may find yourself bringing ...
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The Benefits of Alignment Inspection

You need to be in control of your vehicle if you want to be safe when driving, and your alignment plays an important role. If you have recently been in an accident or you suspect that your alignment ...
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Preventing Your Windows from Fogging

Dealing with fog on your windows will take time out of your morning routine and can even lead to the need for collision repair, but there are a few easy remedies that can be of help. Watch this video ...
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Facts You Should Know About Bumper Repair

Your bumper can turn a potentially scary accident into a minor inconvenience, and it can also impact your vehicle’s appeal. You’ll want to seek bumper repair services if you’re in an ...
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Ways to Make Your Car Safer

Safety may be a primary factor that you look for in a vehicle, but it’s up to you to ensure that it remains safe over the years. You can do this by working with your auto body shop, maintaining ...
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Does Your Vehicle Need Frame Straightening?

If you have recently gotten into a major crash, your car may be in need of frame straightening services. Since modern cars have lightweight frames that are very flexible, they are able to safely ...
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Staying Safe on Icy Roads

Winter driving conditions can put you at increased risk of experiencing an auto collision, especially if you venture into the mountains where snow and ice can easily accumulate on the roads. In this ...
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Tips for Avoiding Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions account for a majority of the accidents that occur on the road each year. If you want to keep your car out of the auto body shop, it is a good idea to practice safe driving ...
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How to Handle a Stalled Car

Dealing with a stalled car is a dreaded situation for any driver. Whether your car has suddenly stalled on the road, or refuses to start in your driveway, there are a few actions that you can take to ...
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Spotlight on Wheel Alignment Services

Wheel alignment is important for every make and model of vehicle. Whether you drive a spacious SUV or a compact car, you will want to make sure that your wheels are properly aligned whenever you are ...
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Preparing Your Car for Winter

The winter season can create additional maintenance challenges for your vehicle. In this video, you will learn some essential maintenance tips that will help you prepare your car for winter driving. ...
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Exploring Popular Auto Detailing Services

Your local auto body shop may offer more than just dent repair. When you bring your car in for an auto body paint procedure, you should be sure to ask your technician about any detailing services that ...
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Answering Your Questions About Dent Repair

When you experience a minor collision as you are driving your vehicle, you may discover that your vehicle’s body contains one or more dents. With services from a qualified auto body shop near ...
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