A Driver's Guide to Proper Brake Maintenance

If you take your vehicle to a car repair shop for annual brake maintenance, the vehicle’s chances of needing serious brake repair will be minimized. But it’s also important to know when the vehicle’s brakes need repair services, as this can save you a lot of money and the danger of a braking system failure. Read below for tips on brake maintenance and how to know when your brakes need work.

Brake and Rotor

Seek Brake Maintenance At Least Once Per Year

If you already go to a reputable car repair shop for your oil changes, make sure that you get the vehicle’s braking system inspected once per year or roughly every fourth oil change. The mechanic will check the entire brake system, including the fluid, drums, pads, lines, calipers, and rotors. As long as you replace the brake fluid at least once every two years or 30,000 miles and the brake pads at least once every 15,000 miles, your vehicle will be much less likely to experience braking system problems.

Brake Pads

One way to tell if your vehicle needs brake maintenance beyond the once-per-year interval is by listening to the brakes. If you hear a screeching noise, that means your brake pads are wearing out. Fortunately, brake pads are inexpensive and replacing them before they wear too low ensures that they won’t cut into the rotors, which can be expensive to repair.

Brake Fluid and Rotors

Another way to tell that you need brake maintenance is when the brake pedal is acting funny. If the pedal is unusually soft, meaning it sinks to the floor when the brakes are being applied, your vehicle might need new brake fluid. If, on the other hand, the pedal vibrates when you apply the brakes, your rotors need to be maintained as soon as possible.

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