4 Great Ways to Retain Your Vehicle's Value

Your vehicle’s resale value largely depends on how well the interior, exterior, and powertrain have been taken care of. Thankfully, you can retain your vehicle’s value if you maintain your vehicle and promptly repair any auto body damage. Read the following article for more tips on how to retain your vehicle’s resale value. 

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Keep it Clean

In addition to washing your car, you should wax your car’s paint once per month to protect your paint and give it a glossy, new appearance. Vacuum your car’s upholstery and carpet once per week, and pass a damp cloth over the seats and the dashboard to absorb debris and oils that will wear out the interior overtime.

Repair Minor Damages

If your car is dinged by a shopping cart or receives a dent from a foul ball, go to your local auto body repair shop to have it fixed. You should not attempt to sell your car if it has dents in it, so you might as well repair dents and dings as they occur, rather than riding around in a dented car and fixing it right before you sell it.

Seek Collision Repairs at a Respectable Collision Repair Shop

If you are ever in a fender bender, you can retain your vehicle’s resale value by getting it repaired at a collision repair shop. Be sure to go with a collision repair shop that installs genuine parts. Unlike aftermarket parts, genuine parts have been built and tested by the manufacturer.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle regularly is another great way to bolster the resale value. Go to a car repair shop every 3,000 to 5,000 miles for an oil change and an inspection to see if your car needs other basic maintenance services. In addition to increasing your vehicle’s value, this will also make your vehicle more reliable and efficient.

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