What Is Paintless Dent Removal?

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When dented, modern cars can be restored to virtually the same condition, thanks to paintless dent removal. Offered by cutting-edge auto body repair shops, PDR services greatly reduce the cost and time involved in repairing a dent. If your car has recently incurred a dent or ding, read this article to learn about paintless dent removal and its numerous advantages over traditional dent removal.

Specialized Tools and Techniques

The instruments and methods that enable paintless dent removal (PDR) are designed to remove dents of many different sizes from the body panel of a car. PDR is just as effective at removing tiny door dents as it removing massive dents the size of a football.

Cost-Efficient Design

PDR does not require repainting, sanding, or the application of body filler. Because it requires less labor and fewer products than traditional dent removal methods, PDR is one of the most affordable ways to fix a dent. Fortunately, it’s also one of the most effective methods; after a PDR service, many car owners cannot even find where the damage used to be.

Rapid Service

No one wants to drop the car off at the auto body shop only to find out that one dent will take a week to repair. An experienced shop will be able to use PDR techniques to fix a car in less than one day in most cases.

Original Paint

With PDR, there is no risk of an incorrect color match or paint overspray—two mistakes that will lower the resale value of a car. Instead, vehicles repaired with paintless dent repair retain the original paint, metal, and inner panel.

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