A Look at the Leading Causes of Distracted Driving

Many of the distracted-driving collisions that occur on a daily basis are easily avoided—the key is knowing which behaviors to avoid yourself and which behaviors to look for in your fellow motorists. Here are some of the top causes of distracted driving and how you can prevent them from causing a car collision.



Looking at a roadside accident or scenery can be avoided by simply focusing on the road ahead. Unfortunately, “rubber necking” is one of the top causes of distracted-driving collisions. If you see something that catches your interest on the side of the road, ask someone in the cabin to tell you what it is, or pull over and have a look if you’re that interested or concerned.


If you feel tired, don’t get behind the wheel of a car—instead, pull over and rest. Driving while fatigued could cause you to drift off of the road and get into a collision that could severely injure yourself and others.

Passenger Distraction

Tell your kids and your passengers that you cannot be bothered while you’re driving. If anyone inside the cabin of your car wants your attention, be sure that you are at a complete stop before you take your eyes off of the road.

Adjusting Car Stereo, Vehicle Controls

If your car has steering wheel audio controls, be sure that you use them. If you take your eyes off of the road to adjust your car’s stereo or air conditioning, you could wind up getting into a car collision.

Cell Phone

Whether it’s texting or talking, don’t use your cell phone when you drive unless it’s through a hands-free device. Numerous studies have shown that using a cell phone while driving can be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated.

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