What is Paintless Dent Removal?

If you have relatively small dings on your car’s exterior, then you may be hesitant to bring it to an auto body shop for repairs. While you might think that the costs of repair will well exceed the potential benefits, the truth of that matter is that with paintless dent removal, dents can be fixed quickly and affordably. You won't need to get your car repainted and it's less expensive than traditional body repair. Here's a brief overview on paintless dent removal:

Accidental Dent

What Can Be Fixed?

Paintless dent removal can fix any of the following:

  • Dents ranging from minor dings to large dents.
  • Vehicles from 1990 or later.
  • Paint is not broken or cracked.
  • A dent is not near the edge of a panel.
  • A panel that has not had previous body repair.

Paintless dent removal can either make the dent virtually unnoticeable or it can repair the dent completely. After this quick process, your car will look and feel more appealing when you cruise down the open road.

How Is it Done?

Special tools are used for paintless dent removal. These tools can push the metal of the car back into its original shape by first reshaping the outer edge of the dent, then moving inward. Sometimes, trim pieces, window openings, or inner panels have to be removed to access the dent and perform paintless dent removal. This procedure typically only takes a few hours for small dents, which means that you should be back on the road the same day in a newer looking car.

What Are the Advantages of Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair offers a few advantages over typical, exhaustive body work, including:

  • No need to repaint.
  • Less expensive than other kinds of body repair.
  • Same-day service for most dents.
  • No risk of bad color matching.

If you want to learn more about paintless dent removal, then visit us at Michael J's Body Shop. We do collision repair and auto body repair in San Jose, and our technicians are trained in paintless dent removal. Call us at (408) 279-2070 so we can repair your vehicle today!

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